By joining our team, you will;

  • Be paid weekly to alleviate the stress of a monthly salary
    We appreciate and value our team members and the work they all put in; timely payment is a priority for us.

  • Work on long-term projects that are robust
    New build home projects are long term and a reliable source of work. The underlying conditions of the UK housing market are positive; home ownership is still the tenure of choice for the majority of people and the governments ambition to address the long-term under supply of new homes is being matched by positive levels of support from the house building sector.
    The stability and backing from the Government & lenders continues to drive the strength of the market and ensures all major listed UK house builders, will continue to build houses to facilitate the shortage for many years to come.

  • Work for a reputable company with career prospects
    At Rite Tile we pride ourselves on the calibre of people we employ and the work that we deliver. Personal career development is important to Rite Tile and we encourage this to become a focus within our teams and regularly hold 121 manager meetings, to create development plans for anyone showing an interest to progress.

  • Training on the job
    We are here to support you every step of the way. Once onboarded you will have access to a highly skilled peer team who are dedicated to amplifying your skillset.

  • Never need to price up jobs
    The work levels with Rite Tile are consistent and regular due to the sector of work we deal with. While with us, there will be no need to do this task. We recognise this is often carried out in unsociable out of work hours and we want to reduce this added pressure and streamline this process to better support all involved.

Meet Mark
Client Testimonial

“I have been with the company for over 6 years and I’m still here so they must be doing something right!

As I was the first real tiler to come on board, it was a big step for them to take as we didn’t know each other, but we appeared to hit it off. I believed right from the start what Ian and Martin wanted to do, and still do to this day.

They are a fantastic company to work for with drive, passion and are always available to help with everyone’s needs – nothing is too much trouble.

When I meet a new tiler, I’m always asked about them and I tell them the same.”

— Mark (Rite Tile Tiling Supervisor)
Quality, Performance, Reputation & Consistency.